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One day seminar and workshop - Tuesday 26th October 2004
Venue: Centre for Life - Newcastle's unique science village.
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With millions of searches taking place on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN each day for products and services, can you afford not to be found?

Search Engine Marketing: The essential best practice seminar is a business focused seminar and workshop to keep you up to speed about search engine marketing and optimisation issues. These events teach you the essentials of what you need to do to make sure that your web pages are not sitting in the search engine dungeons!

The seminar and workshop is accessible at all levels. Beginning with a refresher in the morning to get everyone up to the same speed, the seminar then moves into more advanced strategy in the afternoon.

is a back to reality experience, taking place at a world leading science research centre. It's about what really happens online. Do you want to know how search engines really work? Do you want to know why your competitors always turn up above you at search engines? Are you throwing away fortunes on PPC (Pay-Per-Click) traffic from Overture and Google Adwords when you could be getting natural, organic traffic? Let one of the web's leading experts change your perception of search engine marketing. Just look at the testimonials on Mike's book site, to get an idea of his industry status.

"It’s rare that I come across a speaker like Mike, that knows his stuff *and* manages to keep the audience engaged, enthused and entertained." Best selling e-business author and America's number one internet marketing speaker - Jim Sterne.

It's not like it used to be with search engines. For a start, it's not free anymore!
There’s no such thing as just “running a bit of software” to submit to search
engines. The
reality is this: most companies have not made a return on the investment of their first web site, let alone the current third generation version. And the reason for that is simple - they get no traffic!

Submitting to a search engine and hoping for the best is OK if you don’t spend any money. No risk: No problem! But if you’re a serious marketer and you’re now accountable for a return on this new media spend, you simply can’t AFFORD to sit back and hope for the best. And by the way, submitting doesn't really work anymore - you need links!

And there’s all the absolute bullshit you hear about how search engines work and how you can fool them. The most likely outcome here is fooling yourself into a severe penalty which sees your web pages buried even further.

Not only has Mike Grehan written the industry leading text on the subject of
search engine marketing, he's also a leading practitioner. Working with 'blue chip' clients he's managed to remarkably increase their rank and their revenues. And now, as he celebrates his nomination as one of the most influential 100 people in e-commerce during the past decade, he wants to share his intimate knowledge of search engine marketing with north east companies. Since 1996, Mike has been generating top ten rankings and streams of qualified visitors to his clients' web sites.

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· Why are links so important?
· How do search engines work: Really?

· Why do “keywords and phrases” matter so much?
· How do I optimise my pages for keywords?
· Where do meta tags fit in?
· How do I avoid strategies that may "blacklist" my website?
· Which search services matter most ?
· What are the key points to submitting your web pages ?
· How about the new "Paid For" Services and ROI?

This two part seminar/workshop will help you to get a true understanding of how search engines really work. The more you understand - the more you'll improve your online marketing performance. In the first part you'll hear two presentations to bring you right up to speed with where search is at right now.

There'll be two refreshment breaks. One in the morning and one mid-afternoon plus a networking buffet lunch. In the afternoon, the focus shifts to you directly: What do you need to know? What's bothering you about your search performance?

Completely interactive, you'll form a group with your peers to highlight common problems and, together with Mike, you'll find solutions. Plus, you'll get absolutely FREE a copy of Mike's best selling book, Search Engine marketing: The essential best practice guide. A value of £37 - as a gift.